THE CLIENT and Director ALWAYS WANTS THE MODEL FEEL HAPPY AND CHEERFUL AFTER PUTTING ON THEIR OUTFIT. Please try to help your child be happy and feel sweet and great on the whole session.  

casting:  client requires model have couple outfit changing then take direction for some casting photo . This is important  for the director to see how does the flow ( hope you understand- the director considers will the model easy to get change into new outfit and get happy and cheerful mode toward the camera ).

Please follow the instruction and smile lovely into the camera and hold her or him poses around few seconds and then please prepare some freestyle posing in case client asking for some free style poses. 

Be friendly and cheerful lovely as your child always, not shy.

You can go to the place a bit early but do not go insides for casting, just let your child know what will going to happen is, she or he will wear the outfit and take some nice casting photos.

Also, if your child is girl please try to loose her hair when in casting because the client wants to see the hair length.